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If you don’t have money, and you want to make money online without any investment, today I will tell you how to make money online without any investment from Amazon Affiliate. After reading this article, you will understand everything.

What is Amazon affiliate?
Amazon is biggest shopping website where million of peoples come and do online shopping. Amazon has an a affiliate program in which you can sell Amazon products and Amazon pays you a commission on the sales of those products.

To work with Amazon Affiliate, you will need a website where you can post and promote Amazon products.

There are two ways to build a website one is paid and the other is free but let me tell you the free way.

To create a free website, go to Blogger.com and sign in with your Gmail account and then create as many free websites as you want.

After creating a website, Go to Google.com amd search for “Amazon Affiliate “and visit the Amazon website and sign up for his Affiliate program and when your sign up process is complete then you are eligible to sale amazon products and earn money.

Now find affiliate section and select the hot products from Amazon which you want to sell and get all details of that products which you want to sell and write a review of all products on your website and must product affiliate links with every product.

How to Get traffic For Amazon Affiliates Products?
I will share two platforms with full method how you can sale your Amazon Affiliate product.



1.Get traffic from Facebook group
Facebook is biggest social media platform with Millions of users.You can Easily sells your Affiliate products on facebook.

First of All go to search bar and search your product keyword and Join your product related facebook group or any random big group or join usa based audience group if your amazon affiliate account is usa based other wise if your amazon affiliate is another country then join your amazon affiliate account related group and then post your Affiliate product and” write for sell “ then group members saw your product and then If anyone like to your product and want to buy your Affiliate product then they will contact you.
When they will contact then share your product affiliate link when they will buy the product you will earn your commission.

How to get traffic from Instagram?
Instagram is also big social media platform with millions of users and you can easily promote your Affiliate product on instagram.

You can use hash tags in your instagram post and then instagram show your post to those people who follow your hash tags.

First of All sign up for instagram account and complete your bio and must add your website link.

Then go to search bar and search your product related hash tags for Example search “#watch” then you can see list of hash tags then click on any hash tag and see other other people post.

If any hash tag have good response then copy it and collect best 30 hash tags.

Now post your product picture with hash tags and then instagram show your post to those people whose follows your post hash tags and if any body want to buy your Affiliate product then they will contact you then you can give the product of that link and if they buy the product you will Earn your commission.

Next Step

Search your hash tag in instagram search bar and follow those people who are interested in your product related hash tags.


Don’t follow fast the people “only follow 5peoples in one hour”.

If you follow fast the peoples then this is dangerous for your account.
May be instagram ban your account.


If you want to get instant and fast response then use facebook and If you want to make a community then use instagram hopefully you will like my article.