How to unfreeze Mouse on Laptop

If your laptop mouse is freeze don’t worry  follow these steps your problem will be solved.

Why my mouse is freeze?

The mouse is freeze because of different reasons like this will happen may be you are install wrong driver or outdated drivers.May be the usb port in which you are inserted mouse plug may be not working.May be you mistakenly press the function keys and off the trackpad.

Follow these 4 Steps

1.Check Physically

If the problem with touchpad mouse, So go on step 2.
But If this problem with external mouse then plug out the mouse and plug in your into another port.If you have Another different function mouse then change the mouse or recharge the battery if your problem will solved then ok but if your problem will not solved then go on step 2.

2.Used Function Keys:

Mostly the mouse have not any moving problem the reason is you have mistakenly pressed the functions keys and off the trackpad and you don’t know about it.So if you have this issue then you have to pressed some keys again and trackpad is again on. Follow the following steps:
Look on your keyword you can see the fn key and touchpad or f1 to f12 keys So you have to press the different keys at the same time.first of all press the fn keyword and hold it and then pressed the touchpad key or pressed the F7, F8, F9, will be depend on your keyboard brand which you are used.

3.Checked Properties of Mouse

Another possible cause for this mouse-got-stuck problem is trackpad is turned off. To get your mouse unstuck:

The another reason for this problem is your trackpad is turned off thats why your mouse is freeze.So follow these steps to unfreeze your mouse:

IMG 20220703 WA0030

Look at your keyword and pressed the window logo key,Now copy this word (main.cpl) and paste into the following box and then click on ok.

IMG 20220703 WA0031
Then a new box will be opened which named is mouse properties.
So On mouse properties box You can see the (Device Settings tab) Click on this tab <Device Settings tab>your device > Enable > Apply > OK

Now may be your problem is solved.
If your was problem not solved then try step 4.

4.Oudated or Wrong Drivers:

Your mouse is freeze you are facing this problem may be your using wrong or outdated mouse drivers.So Now update your mouse drivers to check your issue is solved or not.

Restart the Laptop

After doing this i will suggest you to Restart your laptop

For Restart your Laptop

First of All close the open program for Example My Computer is open then close.So Close all the open programs.

From Keyboard Press Alt button and hold it and now press F4 with it.Press Alt+F4 at a same time a window turing off program is open then from your keyboard Arrow select Restart Option and Then your System will be Restart.