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Laptop come with a lots of functions and they are some different from personal computer.Laptop has one function which named is Airplane mode.

This function prevents you from using the internet (Wi-Fi or hotspot), connecting to Bluetooth, or doing any kind of network activity.

You could accidentally enable this mode when working with settings, or you could accidentally press any key on the keyboard, in which case you won’t be able to use the internet until you turn off the mode.

So Now how you can disable it today i will guide some ways in this article to disable this mode on laptop specially on Dell laptops.Read my full article.before you can read my article you must know how you can know this mode is enable or disable.

How you can know Airplane mode is on or off

If this mode is active on laptop then they showed in taskbar.The network icon is usually replaced with this icon.

Follow these methods to turn off Airplane mode

Through Action Centor

There is a specific button in the Windows 10 Action Center for turning the airplane mode on and off. To do this,click on the Action Center icon to open Action Center which is located in taskbar.You may also use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + A. To disable Airplane mode, choose it here “disable” and click.

Used Wifi Settings

The aeroplane mode can also be found in the Wi-Fi settings. Click the Wi-Fi icon on the taskbar to do that. Following that, you have three choices: Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, and Hotspot. To turn off Airplane mode, click on it.

Now Used the Settings

If you can’t locate airplane mode otherwise, try looking under Settings. Here are the steps to take.

1.Select the Start Menu button on your laptop, then press the gear-shaped Settings button to access Settings. Otherwise, you may access Settings by using the shortcut Windows key + I.

2.In the Settings menu select Network & Internet.

3.To disable the airplane mode, go to the left sidebar and select the Airplane mode option. Then, click the toggle switch to the off position.

Used the keyboard Airplane Mode Button

To activate and deactivate the airplane mode, most laptops feature a specific button on the keyboard. This often looks on the top row and has an airplane-like shape. Press it once to turn off airplane mode and then press it once more to enable it.

Press Physical Button of Dell Laptop

Mostly Dell laptops include a specific button for turning on or off wireless Connectivity. Normally, it may be found on the keyboard’s right corner. This is not permanent statement you can see this button any side even behind the mousepad.Now find the button which Look with an airplane or tower symbol on it. To turn off airplane mode, move it to the off position.

Now Used Key Combination on Keyboard

You shouldn’t be worried if you can’t find a button that is designated for airplane mode because the setting is hidden in some dell laptops under variety key combinations by pressing the Fn key.

The Fn key, which is short form for “Function,” helps to expand the capabilities of a keyboard without adding more keys to it. Which is, every F key in the top row does have capability of performing two different functions: the first can be accessible without pushing the Fn key, and the second can be accessed by pressing the Fn key. The Fn key is typically located in the middle of your keyboard, between the Ctrl and Alt keys.

You can try these some combinations

Pressed the Fn key and the other key which you can see in top row with the icon of radio tower and airplane

Now pressed together the F2 and Fn keys

Now pressed together the prt sc ( print Screen) and fn keys

If you can try these keys,one should be worked and notification will display on the screen “Airplane mode switched off” or “Airplane mode deactivated.”


In Windows, you can also turn off the aeroplane mode from the login screen (in which you can type your password or PIN).

To do this process, select Airplane mode by clicking on the Wi-Fi icon which is showed in the bottom – right corner.


There is a simple solution for the airplane mode if not turning off or if it is greyed out. Windows comes preinstalled with a troubleshooter to fix any problem. Therefore, if your laptop is permanently set to airplane mode, you can fix the problem by using the troubleshooter.

The following is what you are need to perform.

On your computer, select Settings > Update & security

On the left side, tap the Troubleshoot option.

Click on Internet Connections under Troubleshoot, then choose Run the troubleshooter. To finish the procedure, follow to the on-screen instructions. After that, choose Network Adapter and press the Troubleshoot option. Finish the procedure.