How to Connect Nintendo switch to laptop with hdmi

If you want to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop via HDMI then Follow these Steps

1.First You Should need to Connect the Power Cable with Nintendo Dock.

2.Connect the first end of the HDMI wire to the Nintendo dock.

3.After detaching the controllers, placed your Nintendo Switch on the dock.

4.Connect the capture card to the second end of the HDMI wire.

5.Simply insert the capture card into one of the available USB ports on your laptop.

6.You will need to download and install the OBS capturing software.

7.When the download complete then install OBS

8.Start the OBS studios

9.Now select the video capture device slSo click on the plus symbol which is located in source section.

10.Write “Switch” for the name, then click “OK.

11.Switch to USB Video, under device

12.Go to the audio output mode by scrolling down and checked the box beside use custom audio device.

13.Once more, go to audio devices by scrolling down, and then change the selection to Digital Audio Interface (USB Digital Audio).

14.Switched on the nintendo switch when its on dock

15.You can see the laptop should start capturing data from Nintendo Switch in Few Seconds

16.Now its time to start playing Take up the controllers in your hands and start playing.

Now Nintendo Switch will be connected to your laptop via HDMI Wire and now Start play games.Now if you want this will be show on full screen then pick up the mouse and right click on game play screen and selected the Fullscreen Projector (preview)